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Wed Dec 08, 2010 11:32 pm
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Post subject: Cheat trade / Team Reply with quote

Hello, 4p game
ThisIsBigBrother, shaarik, battle77, fuzu

shaarik and fuzu cheated
they were a team
sharrik bought to fuzu 2 red extractor for 2300 when recession was high but didn't have 3rd red for saving him
other suspicious trade between them during the game

Thank U
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Thu Dec 09, 2010 2:00 pm
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Post subject: Reply with quote

The red trade at ec -425 is without question a cheat trade.

For starters shaarik had the game won anyway, so really had no need to trade with any player at this stage. Owning, 4 white, orange, brown, and pinks.
Against Thisisbigbrother who owned 4 black and yellow.
Shaarik had 200 more cash than bigbrother. Plus a lot of cash stored in the upgrades, as pink was on level 4, brown level 5, orange level 5.

Equally the red trade did NOT give sharrik a set even. It was simply cash for nothing. It was really a very useless, pointless trade as the 2300 they gave fuzu was really pointless. He was most likely to beat battle anyway, who was on his way out also. BUT what this trade did do was ensure that fuzu came out AFTER battle. Thus altering the ranks for no reason at all.

Whilst NOT cheat trades, there were 2 trades earlier in the game I did see between them which did catch my eye. 4th white at around 1200. Followed by last orange for 600 and a last brown trade. Whilst these are not cheat trades, I certainly question why fuzu was handing sharrik the game so very easily.
With 4 white early, and orange. Then later brown sharrik imo was by far the strongest player position. So I do question why fuzu was happy to give these things so cheaply enabling this.

50% reduction to both for the red trade.
I also will leave a question mark on them for teaming. But will have to await to see if further reports to look at this closer.
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