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Tue Sep 08, 2009 8:07 pm
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Post subject: 5p Game, pls check it ! Reply with quote


5p Game, end at this time.

battle77 = me

trace pls check the trade between trys and velebit (green, black, yellow ...), i am not sure because i am not familiar if is it a cheat trade or not.

In my opinion this trade ruin the whole game and force me to resign, trys win without problems.

Thanks a lot.

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Tue Sep 08, 2009 11:13 pm
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game: 414384
game is ranked

Game had become 3p, had been for a while.
start money: 70
From trys to velebit
Cash: -1000

Giving: 4 Black, 2nd yellow

Taking 3 green

At the time of the trade velebit had only 3 extractors. 1 still unowned on the board.
Orange brown and cyan were upgraded and owned by battle77
Trys owned pink on 3 upgrades

The green weren't upgraded at the time of the trade, velebit had no cash to even make a start. I think he would of struggled to even get to 2 upgrades before ec with so much of the board built.

The trade gave him 4 black to add to his 3 extractors for income. Plus 1000 in cash. This could be spent upgrading yellow, or to buy 4th extractor etc or just be used as a buffer.

I am clearing the trade as fair, in 3p game's its really less easy to trade with only 3 players someone won't be in that trade. I think the trade did give velebit a chance for 2nd that he was unlikely to have without trading.

To note:

Trys did send some very lopsided trades which velebit rejected.
Trys be careful with trading, trades must benefit both players, not just YOU.
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