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Sat May 03, 2014 5:55 am
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looks like GM is back up havent seen many players, ive been playing the new magnate. as soon as i hit level gold i had technical problems like not being able to roll or bid lol or even chat.
within the time i play it i only got three 4p games, and 2 of them locked.
that being said it does have a lot of nice features and it seems to have alot of players
unfortunately ive seen alot of these players get timed out also, plus i wouldnt mind spending the $ for options but nobody plays rated so no chance of winning $, i have to admit i was starting to like it before the technical issues but even though that is a decent work in progress, when it works lol, for me there is no replacement for Galactic Magnate. i have always been a science fiction fan lol and this game has much imagination and depth. sometimes i would like to play the other magnate and i hope they get the bugs worked out, beep when a game starts, maybe drop the price or at least get players to bet 10 lol, bcuz it could be a classic in its own right.
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