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Wed Jan 22, 2014 9:23 pm
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Post subject: oldpra spamming and continuously being obnoxious Reply with quote

Just played a 4p with I as Prince97206, oldpra, trace77, and howzitend or something like that.

Everyone knows oldpra whines a lot. First he opens second green for howzit. we are at plus 200 here, he didn't need the cash. after purchasing yellow frm Trace he claims now he needs to open green for cash. Does exactly that, at +200 with maybe 800 dollars and a lil credit. Only Trace had enough to make howzit pay 3k.

Throughout chat you will see that he was doing this out of spite, saying that we were blocking him because he was paying 1600 for whites and i got one white for 1100 and Trace did the same with second yellow. no ones fault you're broke.. kept complaiing it was blocking and thats why he opened greens.

later on his yellows are doing welll, he starts sending ridiculous offers for whites.. well at first they were not it was 1400, 1500 for one.. then i'd reject he'd go 900.

Last night I played a 2p with him where he continuously called me boring because he thought i should have quit when it was clear i lost. it was not clear and i went on to win the game. he called me boring over and over and over again to the point i got aggravated. still no name calling back from though.

I mute him in our 4p i had had enough.. he mutes me everytime i talk.. trace repeatedly tells him to stop doing it you only need to do it once. he didn't listen. he probably did it like 30 times iunno I was chatting with trace so imagine every other sentence you see #oldpra is ignoring prince.

Then does it to Trace.

Whats funny is: he goes on to block .. which is really blocking.. lol anything of mine.. red, cyans making it not possible to trade. The person complaining about blocking (which was not blocking just purchasing) goes on to block. We didn't complain about it.

Please ban him he knows what he is doing and is one of hte most aggravating players we know of. i hope Trace can concur.

Thank you.
Hmm.. this game is taking over my life.. im so glad there's others like me out there!! lol
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Wed Jan 22, 2014 9:43 pm
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Post subject: Reply with quote

I was going to report this game myself, but trish finished the game first so she posted.

It does seem that oldpra is generally a very grumpy and irritating player and gets into spats with everyone.

The game started sometime after 8pm gmt, and finished at 9.20pm gmt time.

What won't be seen in the log is how he muted prince first, then constantly kept sending the mute command again and again and again.

He seemed to get angry when i opened his 2nd yellow, which i bought for 1300 i think plus -20%. I soon after traded it to him for 1500 when he had the cash. He sent the trade. Straight after that I opened what would have been his 3rd white. He had only 700 funds so couldn't buy it. That was the point of me opening of course. I let it go to prince for 1100, game cash wasn't great at that point. This is the kind of move that players do game in game out!!!!! but due to this he states he must open 3rd green for howzitwork. Which he did indeed do. I was the only player to be able to bid it to a fair price. It was over 200 start when he opened the 3rd. Of course howzitwork won the game in the end. What bothers me about this was that it was not a strategy move by oldpra, but done out of spite for me having opened the 3rd white.
Later in the game about 10 or 20 start i traded with prince for her 2 black, i owned 2. The trade was 2000 for the 2. She needed money after the trade he had done with her giving her chance to get red and pink. After the black trade he accuses us of cheat trading and teaming, as you will see in the chat. Then makes reference to the fact I don't play 2p anymore. (for the record I just decided i like 4/5 better and now will only rarely play 2p). Anyway the chat should show you what he was being like.
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Fri Jan 24, 2014 3:54 am
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Post subject: Reply with quote

Yeah i believe it is time for him to take a vacation, this game is getting to him in a bad way, i have had my own displeasure of his attitude and games with him because he doesnt know my other names

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