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Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:36 am
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Joined: 08 Nov 2012
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Post subject: Kanye100 cheat trading, teaming at end Reply with quote

Hello I would like to report a 5p game where bad sportsmanship and cheat trading allowed Kanye100 to take first place.
Game took place on Wednesday around 11pm European Time.
Players were
Mooseman 1710
Drake had 1 yellow and 2 white and so did Kanye100. They took for ever to make a trade but eventually Drake took a trade offer from Kanye100 which was white for yellow, maybe some cash involved to I think. So Drake then fully upgrades yellow leaving him with low cash. No sooner has this been done but Kanye100 accepts a previous sitting trade from Drake that was probably the opposite of the previous trade. Drake having forgot that it was still on offer. This basically puts the situation back to what it was. Ie with them both on 2 white and 1 yellow each. This off course has cost Drake all his upgrades and some cash and seems to have further added cash to Kanye100. Kanye100 who already has fully upgraded redP finds this very amusing and states that Drake should not have left the old trade still on offer and that no cheat has taken place. Drake with no chance to win leaves the game in last place. Kanye100 picks up the now open white and wipes the board with the other players.
Later on when deep into recession and only BlackR, myself and Kanye remaining in the game, Kanye who had the game won by a clear margin then starts to open props telling BlackR to bid on them in order that he avoid high (-900) recession charges. This forces me to bid unnecessarily depleting my cash even though I am at the start of the board and not benefiting from the situation. Please read the chat on this.
This underhand and deceitful behaviour that shows no attempt to play the game in a fair and sporting manner spoiled what age to begin with a good open 5p game.
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Wed Mar 20, 2013 11:53 pm
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Post subject: Reply with quote

Completely unsportsman like and admitted deceit on trade left up. Player reduced 50 percent and 5 day ban

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