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Tue Sep 04, 2012 3:22 pm
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Post subject: New features. Levels. Reply with quote

New features. Levels.

For the gradual introduction of new players to the game, we plan to create a system of levels.

Wood. The first game - only in the 2p with computer with interactive tutorial, may play as a guest without authorization.

Tin. 1500 rating - only 2 and 3 p, required authorization.

Copper. From 1500 to 5000. All games except 5p.

Silver. From 5 to 10K, full game. The opportunity to purchase VIP account. Can select price of the game.

Gold. 10 to 30 thousand plus the opportunity to participate in tournaments.

Platinum. Over 30 thousand, opportunities to watch other people's games (one of the privileges of VIP status).

These levels are awarded to the player when you reach one of these values subaccounts rating. In the fall of rating level remains.

The level of player with his rating will be displayed in their profile.

We want to make the game fun, write what you think of this functional, offer your ideas.
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