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Tue May 03, 2011 3:30 pm
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Post subject: Game just now- potential cheat open, trade, and stalling Reply with quote

Game time: just now.

4 Players:
word (me)

I hate to report stuff, but Aayush was being so rude, immature, and against all that GM stands for, that I am deciding to report a rather minor issue.

I'm not even sure if the trade was cheating, but Aayush_3feb traded with sosoluck i believe 1500, 2 browns, and 1 dark blue for one cyan. Additionally, Aayush_3feb opened the third cyan when sosoluck had the first two. sosoluck had 2 cyans and more money than Aayush by at least 1000, but for some reason did not bid at all on the cyan in the ending part of the bid (he may have bid during the beginning; I don't remember for sure).

I questioned the opening of the cyan immediately when it happened, but Aayush_3feb did not feel like he needed to explain any strategic reasoning or valid reason for doing so. I know (or at least used to know) that opening a third property is not necessarily cheating in itself because it can be a strategy to get someone to spend all their money on upgrades and take them out of the bidding for something else, but it didn't seem so at all here.

I would have let the whole thing go as a minor issue, but then Aayush_3feb took his timer all the way down for 295 to less than 30 before resigning right when he knew he was going to lose to me at the end. This was immature, but even more an illustration of the kind of play that Aayush_3feb views as acceptable.

I'm not looking for a ban on Aayush_3feb, but perhaps a warning for people to not play with him/her because of the style of play that he/she chooses as acceptable. This kind of play is dumb and bad for GM. Let's hold an atmosphere that respects each other and seeks the best strategies in playing a great game.
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