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Tue May 10, 2011 6:01 am
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Post subject: This annoys me Reply with quote

1. When your bidding for the third extractor or last green (something of high value) and your opponent bids in $30 increments. It is fine to end with $30 bids but please donít start with them.

2. When you get your opponent broke, they own 2 extractors, 2 utilities and a scatter of unset squares. They have no great source of income except passing start and bonus. They have like $300 but $1000 in credit. You land the 3rd extractor, utilities or last square in a set. Guess how much you have to pay? $1,300; itís a joke. Players should only be able to bid to their cash amount. Anything after they should incur a 20% increase or should not be able to bid at all.

3. Bonus in general shits me. Get your opponent in the above situation. You buy a square, back to start, roll a 7 and bonus. They get a mystery ďgo to bonusĒ. In two rolls their $300 has gone to $1,300. Bonus should either be moved to the second square, the amount brought to $250 or a limit on how many times it can be hit. (I had a game the other night where bonus was hit 24 times)

4. Mystery squares. You get 10, you get 20. What is the point of these?

5. Having a player always in negative and bonus/passing go bails them out. I think if your in negative you should only get 20% of start money.
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Wed May 11, 2011 9:43 am
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1. Annoying yes, but I will sometimes do it to make people that I know to be impatient to overbid/underbid on their piece. I rarely do this.

2. I don't know i think your solution is a bit extreme. I think a better solution would be providing a greater risk for going negative, like say when you are in the negative every time you pass go you actually lose money. Or something like that.

3. I have a lot of strategies that depend on bonus being where it is. I think it would provide a lot less variance to switch the bonus and extractor like some others have suggested. I would obviously have to re-think some strategies, but it would be worth it.

4. I like mystery squares personally, because I have won a game in 6 minutes because one.
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