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Wed Sep 14, 2011 10:41 pm
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Post subject: GM Today Reply with quote

Hi everyone, my name is CYN on GM. I am admin and head moderator.
I would like to welcome all to the game.

While it is based on Monopoly format it is much more exciting and strategic.
GM is a free game that everyone is welcome to play.

There are rules posted throughout the forum and many interesting topics
for your viewing.

A few standard rules are as follows:

1. No cheat trading (Trades must benefit both players as equally as possible)
2. Foul language and name calling will not be tolerated.
3. Stalling a game is not allowed
4. Teaming is a ban-able offense
5. Intentionally ruining a game is not allowed.
6. Scrolling in the lobby will get you kicked and possibly banned.

Those are just a few of the rules here. The rules are in place to make and keep the game enjoyable and fun for everyone.

If you have any problems or issues, you may post a complaint or concern on the forum or private message a moderator.

Moderators are here to keep the game fair and enjoyable for everyone.

Chat is monitored periodically

A mod will address complaints posted on forum or sent via private message.

If you are involved in the issue or game that was complained about, you may add your comments on the complaint post. If you were not involved you are not to comment on a complaint.

There are sections in the forum (ex: Sauna) to discuss whatever you need to, or to state your disagreement with anything, however, this section is for the players and mods may post responses from time to time but the section is not addressed as the complaint section is.

We periodically have tournaments and those will be posted under Announcements.

If you have any concerns or issues you do not wish to post in the forum feel free to private message me at any time.

Abuse and/or arguing with a mod is prohibited. You may disagree and post such in the proper section however when a mod ruling is questioned it will be looked at by admin and the decision after the review will be final and the subject will be locked.

Again mods are here for the benefit of GM and its players and will make rulings and/or judgements to the best of their ability. You may not always agree with rules or rulings but please respect them.

Any inappropriate posts or blatant negativity towards mods or anyone else will be deleted.

Repeated offenses will get you banned from the forum and the game if necessary.

Some will not like the bluntness of the above statements. We have to have rules and bans to keep the game fun and enjoyable for everyone and to sugar coat it only leaves doubt to whether it will be enforced.

Please just play the game (by the rules) and enjoy...ranting and raving about not liking the rules only makes for issues for those involved and makes GM not so enjoyable.


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