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Fri Dec 10, 2010 9:57 pm
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Post subject: Me and krina01 need to ban... Reply with quote



Krina01 sent me an offer of have 1red&1purple&1darkblue and give me 4th black..
I wrote(F**** Krina don send me cheat trade PLZ)
Then he told me (F**** my mother)...
And told me at he is going to report...
MODs read the game chat plzzzz.
If you like or decide to ban me,,Ban krina also....
I go out from the game KL:10.45 north europ time zone.....
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Sat Dec 11, 2010 1:44 am
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Trade's wise krina01 was certainly asking by far too much for the black in every single offer made. Literally wanted to take every card off you and money in exchange for that 4th black.
I also noticed some bizarre trade offers to do with cyan during ec to strunz, who equally sent back a rather excessive trade.
Considering the game was in ec the prices being offered for the cyan seem to me to be unreasonably high, baring in mind upgrade costs whilst into ec.

I can understand how the trade offers can of made you mad, I don't feel I really need to tell you that you acted in a way that was equally bad. You know this already since you both reported and apologies to the players within the game.

On the chat side there was more bad chat from yourself lotta than krina01, but krina01's choice of words was that bit more offensive. I equally see how the choice of words ended up in this rather nasty f worded back and forth chat. Which lasted a little while.

Based on chat lotta was overall worst. Based on chat and the persisting of sending unfair trade offers by krina I feel you deserve the same length ban to be honest. The issue lasted 23 minutes in game.

As this is not something we've banned on before on either player 5 day bans for both.
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