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Tue Nov 02, 2010 6:30 pm
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Post subject: Tournament Basic Rules, Help, and Guidelines Reply with quote

Tournament Basic Rules, help and Guidelines

You will find tournament dates in Announcements, Maintenance and Tournaments section of the board.
To register for an active tournament post in the thread (in Announcements section) including the user name you wish to use, and the approx points currently on that account.
A countdown clock and time zone converter will be posted in each Tournament thread. All tournament time's are given in GMT time zone.

Please check before registering for any tournament the exact rules issued for that tournament.
This is a guide to help players understand the usual tournament rules and guidelines.

To enter the tourney room once in the lobby type:

/join T

Only users who are registered for the tourney are permitted to enter the tourney room.

Standard Entry fee is 5000 points, this however can be changed for special tournaments.

In order to enter you must have a minimum of 10,000 points on the account to be entered. Unless of course it is a special tournament where this may be reduced or raised.

All users are asked to be available on the lobby 15 minutes prior to start time on the registered account name.
This is to allow moderators time to direct all players to the designated room.
Do not worry if it is your first time in a tournament, moderators are there to help and guide you through the process.

All Tournament games are played unrated. This is so that the games will have the right players in them. It is not possible for a rated game tournament to ever be held due to the matching system.

You will be told by the moderator holding the tournament when you need to click join game on the appropriate unrated game.


    1) If you do not show up in the lobby (or tourney room…/join T) on the registered user name by the tourney start time your points will be deducted.

    2) If you need to withdraw your entry from the tournament, please do this no later than 24 hours prior to start time. Or you may have to pay the entry fee.

    3) Registration will be closed 1 hour prior to start time (unless decided otherwise by the moderator holding the tournament) They will post on the tournament thread stating when registration is officially closed.

    4) You are not permitted to auction any property you have already bought and own in multi-player tournaments.
    You may open ANY property on the board at any time during the game.

    5) In 2 PLAYER tournaments there is to be NO TRADING. Reason for this is that trades whilst allowed in regular 2p, the chances are a trade in 2p Tournament is likely to be more beneficial to one than the other. Therefore to keep it fair and 100% clean there is to be no trading, or trade offers sent. As also trade offers continuously can be distracting.

    6) Trading in 3,4,5 player Tournaments is allowed. However ALL trades must be fair and benefit both players as by the official trade rules

    You must NOT repeatedly send someone trade offer after trade offer. Such as flooding a user with offers. This is annoying and distracting to the other player. You may be disqualified from the tournament if you continue after the player requests you stop.

    7 ) A minimum of 8 players is required to hold a tournament. If less than 8 the tournament will be cancelled.

    8 ) There must be no arguing or fighting allowed. If you have a dispute, bring it to the moderator holding the tournament. They will then deal with the problem.
    If for any reason you are unhappy with the moderators decision please take this to Myself (trace567) or CYN who are Admin's.

    9) Cheating will be automatically disqualified and lose double entry fee.

    10) The moderator holding the tournament will assign which players will be in what games. Unless otherwise stated the grouping will be random.

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