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Tue Oct 26, 2010 3:08 pm
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Post subject: Meet The Moderating Team Reply with quote

This thread is to get to know the Moderator team.

Current Moderators List:

trace567- (trace678 game account) - Head Moderator and Administrator for game (including trades) and forum

CYN- Co-Administrator for forum, full moderator for game (including trades)

Princeofpersia1992- (princeofpersia game account) - Moderator of trades and complaint section, and forum

Toonz- (Toon game account) - Chat Moderator, forum Moderator, and assistant complaint section Moderator.

Welsh-Leek- (welshleek game account) - Chat Moderator, and forum content Moderator

Bezma2- Lobby Moderator, and relief Chat Moderator (covering holidays/vacations or sickness etc)

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Fri Oct 29, 2010 11:28 pm
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Joined: 14 Oct 2006
Posts: 1407
Location: United States

Post subject: CYN Reply with quote

Hi all. This is CYN. I am Head Moderator and Administrator here on GM.
Welcome to all players.
GM is a game similar to monopoly yet more strategic and VERY addictive.
I have been here for about 6+ years. I played for years (daily for a long time) then became a Mod, and now Head Mod.
Myself and the other Moderators are here to try and keep the game fair and fun for everyone and to address any problems. We hold tournaments which can really be fun when several participate. We will be having regular tourneys, the type, size, and prize amounts will vary. (Try one sometime they are a great change and fun)
My favorite game is .....hmmm....i guess 5 player as to me it is the most challenging....otherwise 2p. I will play 4 player when we cant get 5, i do not particularly care for 3p, mostly because i am not good at it. lol
GM has a wide variety of people from all nationalities. The main language here is English and that is what all posts and announcements are posted in.
All are welcome here. We do not enjoy banning anyone or penalizing anyone, however as most everything in life, there are rules. Our rules are to keep it fun, friendly and fair for all to enjoy.
I am of the older generation, i am over 21 and younger than 99 Wink
I have two grown children and two grandchildren. I currently live in the midwest United States. I am an accountant by trade however now that my children are grown, i have chosen to lessen the load and now am a manager at a pharmacy in the returns dept and administrative assistant.
Just a note in case anyone hears anything....Yes i have cancer, I have had it for years and I refuse to let it beat me. I am not dying from it, I am living with it. Unfortunately i may be gone from time to time as it puts me down occaisionally but I have full trust that the mod team can handle things in my absence. I may not play as often as i use to but i always have my eye on the forum, review the chat logs and solve any issues that become complicated.
Well I have rambled enough to make Trace happy I think Very Happy . I would like to formally thank her for all her hard work on making the forum better and more friendly. THANKS TRACE.
Anyone is always free to PM me if you have a question or issue. Please dont let the game become unfun (i know its not a word but you know what i mean) We will always try to work out issues with you but we cant fix it if you dont let us know.
Play and ENJOY.......... Razz

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Sat Oct 30, 2010 1:44 pm
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Post subject: Hello all :) Reply with quote

Hi Everyone

As a lot of you know my real name is Tracy, confuses everyone that thereís no e in my real name. Trace is kind of a nick name used by my Dad and I much prefer it to Tracy.

I joined GM in 2007 but didnít join the forum till a few months after, but I was a true lurker reading the forum daily.
I found it hard to make that first ever post when it seemed everyone knew each other and I was just a nobody. But I eventually didÖ.and now look at me littering up the forum on a daily basis lol.

I first became a moderator back in January 2009. Since then I have had a couple of breaks from modship and admin work when it became too much.
I have to thank Bill2k06 (Gaz) for having the faith in me to take me as a mod, and then later to give me Admin forum status.
I also must thank Kreso, Cyn and Bezma for choosing to keep me on even when I didnít want to be a mod anymore. They allowed me to take as much time as I needed and do as much or little work as I could till I was able to take on a fuller role.
Also thank you to Kreso for having the trust in me to allow me to tamper with his forum!!!!!!

Ok about meÖ..Iím 33 from England. I live alone and have no pets right now. Iím allergic to cats, but adore them.
Iíd call myself a bit of a perfectionist, something which has gotten me into a trouble at times. I enjoy reading and watching a lot of American TV shows such as CSI, law and Order - SVU and C.I (till they axed characters), House, I also was a massive fan of Lost till that ended and I confess to crying most of the way through the last ever episode. I like to write, when Iím in the mood. I kept a diary for several years (till I discovered the internet!)
I do not work due to health problems, which is why I have so much time on my hands to spend here.

If anyone ever sets up a GM addiction clinic I will have to attend, I need my GM fix daily as much as the nicotine one (yes tut tut I am a smoker!) but I donít drink Smile

Ok thatís it I thinkÖ..oh and I do have a tendency to rambleÖÖsee ^ lol
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Tue Nov 02, 2010 5:50 pm
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Post subject: Reply with quote

Heloueouieu ( hi )
Iam Bezma ( Bez ) and iam here from beginings, almost . I dont know what to write . All I know is that I was always here and always suported the wright things and people who ( for mee ) was wright .I become lobby mod half year after and since , iam doing that job . Many mods did go , resign , or just left , but , I was always here . Last half year Iam a full mod with half power ( all powers exept power to win some girl on GM lottery ) , hehe . I try to help as best as i can do to moderators team and to GM community .
My private life I think is not something to chat about . I have wife and doughter .She is 21 now ( my doughter not my wife , lol ). Iam working on post office and iam satisfide with my job . Have a dog and good looking neibour next door ( hehe , ). Born in Croatia 26.december 195..... , you gess . Old but in good shape .
If anyone need something , can get me on mickey.rooney@bah, or on phone number 0010230023345086776454424657785766245434553433299678 ask for Bez . You will get me on that phone....NOT
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