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Tue Oct 26, 2010 2:40 pm
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Post subject: Read these rules first! (copy of Kreso's post on rules) Reply with quote

Kreso wrote:
If you think someone was unfair or rude, report it here.

How to report:
Provide as much data you can to unambigously indentify the cheating event, especially the time when it happened:
- Provide the username you used when cheating occured.
- Provide date and approximate time when the game was played. Provide your timezone, in UTC+-X format.
- How many players were in the game? How much time in the game? How long did the game last?
- If you can remember, provide names of players who played the game, esspecially ones who you are accusing of cheating.
- Explain what exactly happened.

Cooperative play is considered cheating. There are two possibilities, applicable only when more than 3 players are playing:
a) Two players conducted a trade, where the trade is obviously advantageous only for one player.
b) During auction, a player didn't bid the price up despite that being obviously disadvantageous for him. The auction is then won by another player for obviously too low price.

Here "advantageous" means increasing the chance to get better rank at the end of the game. Trades conducted in 3+ player games must be advantageous to both parties involved in trade.

Be carefull. If user is novice, maybe he just made an error.

If a user is found to have cheated, his points will be reduced greatly.

Players are not allowed to use bad language or insults. When reporting such event, please provide approximate time, username of the player, and whether it happened at lobby or in game.

If a player is found to be rude to others, his account may be locked. However, I will tolerate if a player just lost his temper, but not if this happens repeatedly.
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