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Sat Oct 09, 2010 11:19 pm
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Post subject: chizer has to be banned Reply with quote

we just had a 5p including chizer, socialstealth, residentevil, thaximus and ce (chiefororo)
first of all, chizer opens almost everthing. he then purchaces all orange, all blue and 2 browns. he sends me somes funny trades and i reject. he realises that he is in debt and has to trade to get cash to upgrade blue. because of his funny trades nobody trades with him and has has no money to upgrade. he then degrades the 1 upgrade on blue and auctions off all his property. everybody sees he is up to no good so nobody bids but thaximus and he buys all of chizer's property for 330. immediately after chizer resigns. now we all questioned thaximus as to why he bidded and he said he didnt see it coming. to butress his point he auctions all of chizer's property only foe socialstealth to also bid and buy at 330. later he also said he thought we meant that thaximus should auction and we bidded. i then suggetsed that since there was this huge unfairness, we should distribute all 8 sites equakky amongst ourselves which thaximus seconded but socialstealth did nothing about. the game went on till i became fourth.

all am asking is that the mods should take a good look at the game and judge. if possible chizer should be banned for a while.
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Sun Oct 10, 2010 1:44 pm
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Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm afraid that this will not be the result you are wanting here.

Chizer's actions did begin the ruining of the game. However it was also up to others to bid further when that 1st bid was made each time. Now I am unable to see what cash was in play directly at the point of the auctions. But If things went at 300, I would expect others would have funds of some kind to of bided it higher.
To make the game even more messy the properties again were auctioned to finally land in the hands of social.

It is standard that we do not place punishment for auctions, be they of own property, or of another's.

I understand fully that chizers actions were of a very bad sporting nature, but sadly it is currently not something we can place punishment for.

However, there were 2 very bad offers made by chizer on the trade side. He had placed himself in a position of having no cash and then wanted by far more than standard (approx) worth in a trade.

All I can really suggest at this time is to maybe avoid playing this person wherever possible if his style of play is going to upset you.

This said, if there are further reports on trade issues or general conduct by chizer then the issue can be re-looked at.
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