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Fri Sep 17, 2010 1:10 pm
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Post subject: Staulled all thu game by rich16rvd Reply with quote


I just came out of a two player game with rich16rvd. I was playing as lostconnection.

The game started really well and withn the first 5 min rich had the cyan set and the white next to it. However he upgradded fully and had no cash left.
I rolled luckily and managed to pick up 2 white and 2 black for 500 each and also get the orange set cheep because he had no funds. So the tables really turned, but thats GM after all.
So directly after this Rich stopped rolling. Stauling for 20 secs ever turn. At first I asked if all was ok (wondering if he had connection problems) however I got no responce at all, just continued staulling. As is the outcome of this tactic, I became a bit annoyed being stalled to zero, then quick play, followed by more staulling. Eventually I said I would report this and he started responding. As is usually the case he made it sound like it was all my fault. Anyway please have a look and see what you make of it.

I dislike coming on here and complaining about other players, but seeing as the bad tactics has been really reduced by the mods team lately mayby the reporting is doing some good .


This has taken another twist. After I went back into the forum there was a player with 1000 points .. Din37. He could not get a game, so I offered to start an new account and play him. I played as "mumble". All started off well then strangely the same pattern of stauling started as in the last game. Are you able to check if there is any connection with these two players. If so this person is only here to cause trouble I think.
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Fri Sep 17, 2010 5:24 pm
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Post subject: Reply with quote

Ok first of all rich16rvd isn't by the looks in anyway connected to Din37. I think you just had some bad luck there having 2 unpleasant games one after the other.

For Din37 I will leave that as possibly new user not being too familiar with the game etc. But obviously should anything come to light later this will be also taken into account.

I saw the chat for your game with rich16rvd, I have checked for any past bans, point reductions or stalling reports. There are no bans showing, only 1 trade issue months ago, and 1 other report that doesn't seem relevant.

So at this time all I can do is issue a warning for rich16rvd to please not stall games, if accidental then if possible please apologize in chat etc. Players understand better if they know there is a problem.
However if any other player experiences similar, please do report. Then all complaints will be taken into account.
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