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Wed Sep 16, 2009 12:36 pm
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Post subject: cheeky cheaters Reply with quote

date: september 16. 2009. time 1:07 pm. 5 player game, taxumus, dealmaster, lucky luke, bubiii, and myself goodweed. taxumus resign from early left us with 4 players. bubiii and lucky luke play as a team. bubiii sold lucky luke 2 purple for 600 pounds. when i started to protest and threaten to report it he was cheeky enough to ask me to say hi to trace . please check the log and decipline all CHEATERS. thx
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Wed Sep 16, 2009 3:15 pm
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Post subject: Reply with quote

This one isn't very straight forward, so I will try to explain best as I can how I have interoperated it.

3 things I look for in any trade:

1) Benefit to both players
2) Advantageous (increasing the chance to get a better rank end position at end of game)
3) Base value of property met

The above list is in order of importance.

3 Trades (one an offer only) I have looked over to get a full picture.
All trades were at start 15.

Trade 1

0 dealmaster cash: 854 credit: 700
1 Lucky_Luke cash: 4224 credit: 280
2 thaximus dead
3 good-weed cash: 366 credit: 1650
4 bubiii cash: 943 credit: 700

Properties creating sets:

Dealmaster 3 Black, Orange (full) Brown (4 upgrades)
Lucky_luke 3 cyan full upgrades
good_weed 4 extractors 3 1 upgrade
bubiii 3 green no upgrades 2 pink

Trade: 1500 + 3 cyan for 3 green
Luke getting the green bubiii cyan and cash

1) Benefit - yes (short term) no (long-term) probably a bad idea (to try and sell pink/purple to build would of made more sense), bubiii had no income coming in, and little cash for green, luke had cash to build green all the way instantly
2) Advantageous - unlikely as other players had better income (but gives him a chance)
3) Base value - yes, base value met

Result - borderline trade, alone I wouldn't take action

Trade 2

Start still 15

0 dealmaster cash: 1074 credit: 700
1 Lucky_Luke cash: 1419 credit: 850
2 thaximus points: 8230 dead
3 good-weed cash: -434 credit: 1650
4 bubiii cash: 58 credit: 130

Only change in properties from prior trade, dark blue now 2 upgrades

Trade - 2 pink for 600 giving luke 2 pink bubiii 600 cash

1) Benefit - Only benefit here is a 600 cushion should he land on green (but if he hadn't traded the green to begin with, well you see my point)
2) Advantageous - little
3) Base value - 1000 short of base value

Result - Trade not even base value of 1 pink. Therefore a very poor trade, I would mark this as unacceptable gain of property for way below base line prior to ec.

3rd trade offer only

Cash for players was low except for luke who had 1319 cash.

Benefit: Instant 800 for weed, but long term to part with pink would be extremely risky, luke would become stronger.
Advantageous: Probably only to luke in the long term
Base Value - 100 below base value

Result - Unfair trade offer.

Overall conclusion: What a mess lol
I do feel I need to take action here, as all 3 trades fall short on components of trading rules.

50% reduction for both players

By the way I did read the chat log. Not happy about anyone calling players retards, so please don't.
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Wed Sep 16, 2009 9:18 pm
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Post subject: Reply with quote

Point alterations only just been made due to the server being down.
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