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Wed Sep 02, 2009 5:25 pm
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Post subject: Low forum visibility Reply with quote

I've been playing many rookie players over the last month and for several of these players who I've mentioned the forum to they have absolutely no clue what it is or even knew one exists.

I recommend a link box from the game lobby page similar to the link to the website but directly to the forum with the box saying forum and the box in a different color then the low visibility gray.

In my opinion this is not redundant and a colored box saying forum in the lobby with a link would be highly effective.

There is a serious forum visibility situation. People will download the game and never come back to the GM website to see the forum. Also, there is rule visibility situation. A similar link box on in the lobby directly to a rules page and a link box directly to a page saying what behavior can result in a ban would reduce # of bans.

Can someone pls help with these questions?

1.) Is kreso the only one who can add a link box on the game lobby page which links directly to the forum

2.) how difficult is it to put the link box in?

If more players knew about the forum over the last 2 years this may have kept players around longer by creating more interest in the game.

Bill2k06 wrote:
unfortunately it is ONLY kreso who can add the forum link to the game lobby page as it is code which is written into the programme its not just as easy as ''insert box'' .

kreso unfortunately has no time available for future updates/patches/bugfixes or additions , so we all have to learn to deal with what we have,

hope this helps will.
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