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Sun Sep 20, 2009 2:57 pm
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Post subject: Constructive critisim thread :) Reply with quote

I've just read fort's post

On the other hand trace, what i can see from this place in last one years' post is even constructive criticism is highly censored. Wish i can see the days of toyster/bill 's modding again. Probably i m asking for the moon. But wait may be, history will repeat itself.

I don't want players/forum users to feel they cannot say things, and I'm sorry if this has seemed the case.

I remember days of old, being fearful of saying the wrong thing in case I got banned. Or raising an objection in fear a moderator would over react. I don't want things to be that way.

Yesterday yes I got upset over people jumping on a new idea and trying to kill it before it was even tried. I had moved posts the day before (NOT DELETED) which equally were attempts to destroy an idea before giving it even half a chance.

I do object to having so many complaints section threads boycotted with arguments over a banning/point reduction system that has been here forever.

But....I am by no means opposed to players voicing their views, long as it doesn't totally destroy a thread (by all means make a new one, saying I would like to discuss x idea). I want change, good change. I might mess up whilst trying, but hell I can try can't I?

Fort, I would really like to hear your views....and everyone else on where maybe we are going wrong.

Post away, say whatever you want...

I promise no post on this thread will be censored in any way shape or form (unless it has foul language in it)
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Sun Sep 27, 2009 1:19 pm
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Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm wondering if this post would of done better if I'd said "criticim" rather than "constructive criticism" judging by the forum last couple days.
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