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Sat Aug 29, 2009 8:31 am
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Hello, I have a report on joemontana who i just finished playing with moments ago at ~1:10 AM PST. for the record I was trying to play a rematch with XCITE which I had announced in the lobby. I selected 2 player after hearing Joemontana, the only other player in the lobby besides myself and XCITE playing under his other account, say he was wanting to play 345 player. I told him i didnt want this and explained to him there weren't even enough ppl to play 4 or 5 player. after this i thought it was safe 2 select 2 player and wait for xcite but no joemontana after hearing me say i only wanted 2 player and to play xcite he selected 2 player instead of the 3-5 he was talking about and the game picked me to play him. i explained to him i didnt want to play him in the game chat but he said its too bad, i asked him kindly to retire since he has more points to lose then me cuz i was logged in under my higher acct yaaahoooo1 which i only use for special occasions to play certain players or in the tournaments but he refused and blamed me for being in the game. I had no other choice but to play so we proceeded to play. Right off the bat I noticed an immediate problem with his playing style... he kept stalling the bids at all prices and it become outrageously slow paced game and a headache. i warned him on this saying he wasn't fooling anyone with his stupid bidding by waiting to the 2+ sec max time to bid but he kept doing this stupid bidding patterns. I told him i would have to quit if he continued b/c i couldnt stand it anymore. and thats exactly what happened i quit. now my point total is below 10,000 on this acct and i wont be able to use this acct in tournaments nemore. he was very unsympathetic for not retiring at the beginning of the game otherwise i might not be in this dilemma. I request for the game to be changed so if a game has not started you have the option of retiring from the game without losing your points. Its bad enough that you cant pick who you want to play and the game forces you to play players you dont even want to play against.
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