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Sat Mar 28, 2009 4:17 am
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Post subject: Forum use - bettering GM Reply with quote

So, the forum is the only place that there is any advertising on GM.

That means, it is the only source of revenue.

Bill, can you give Kreso a kick up the bum to get automatic promotion of the forum appearing in the game please? That way the game can remain free of advertising, but the revenue the game makes can be increased.

This simple measure, of making automatic prompts to join the forum appear in the game, coupled with a concerted effort to improve the content of the forum, is the best way the game can increase its revenue, and hence possibly appear higher up Kreso's list of priorities, so that we can get his attention for some updates and new features. And maybe even a new server.

More and more players using the forum is also the best way to break up the influence of incestuous cliques that may form - a few players thinking they are important enough to be above the law, or trying to keep other players under heel. This might be a symptom of a small community. We should aim to be as large as is manageable.

Automatic forum prompts in-game -> more players on forum -> more ideas and voices + more revenue -> more attention from Kreso and more resources -> better game -> more players in game -> back to the start
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