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Fri Mar 13, 2009 2:47 am
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Post subject: Quitters distort outcomes Reply with quote

I would like us to try to solve the problem of players' quitting being a potential loophole for cheats, since by quitting it is possible to change the order in which the remaining players finish. Even when not done as a cheat, it can innocently ruin games, and change who wins.

I have suggested two solutions, my favourite of which is voluntary Last Man Standing rules, and Lotta has suggested building this in as a feature of the game like the rated/unrated function. But opinion is divided on whether the idea is workable.

Any players who feel able to contribute ideas to improve this aspect of GM, please discuss here: This thread also gives an example of the problem in action.

Contributions in the form of improving my idea, or finding flaw with my idea and thus showing it is unworkable, are welcome. Giving your own solutions to the problem is also great. But contributions saying that there is no problem in the first place, are not welcome.

If we can hammer out a plan on this I would like to add it to the list of the top 10 feature requests to be given to Kreso, which you can read here:

I apologise to the mods for what might seem like duplication of the post, but I am posting here to, I hope, attract the attention of players who don't read all the cheat trade threads, and thus missed my original post.
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