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Mon Mar 09, 2009 8:08 pm
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Post subject: To my dear friends Reply with quote


The ban that has been imposed on me is thouroughly deserved and I have no problem with it at all.

I have 30 days to serve, and will be in contact with key people during this time so I can find out when it will end, i'm useless with diaries Cool

I would like to say that there are some very good people in this comunity, who I will sincerely miss due to their integrity and shining personality, to name a few:

Bill (not fake bill Laughing )

Everyone in this list apart from Helen and Toon have methods to contact me should they need to.

The big question: Will I return?

I've spent too much time on this game playing, helping, promoting, organising and above all else, making friends with some truely great people to turn my back on it.

I will be back, when my ban is up.

I will be buying a new laptop so only those I choose will know its me. I won't bypass the ban as I'm not like that, I'm a man who stands up and takes the rap for wrong doings and will not waste mod time chasing Comp Id's.

An agreement is already in place to have my points transfered to new accounts (the conditions have been fairly made and will be respected to the letter Gaz). I havent decided on new names yet but trust me, they will be good Wink .

I'll check the forum occasionaly to see what is happening and see whats going on, maybe I'll just make it for the next tournament.

See you soon dear friends.

Gaz / Trace / Cyn / Palabra / Magflag - Please lock the thread and remove any comments on it.

Remenber, stay lucky and take care.

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