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Mon Feb 16, 2009 11:32 pm
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Post subject: 2p Strategy Reply with quote

I know that I usually write way too much when I post so I will try to remove words that others deem unneccasary (I am an english major and do not believe in such a thing)

The best analogy I could think of in regards to a great strategy is that a great strategy is a fluid. It is constantly transforming itself to fit into its surroundings. You should NEVER go for greens every time, as it will not always be the best option. You should NEVER have in your mind a preset strategy that merely includes you obtaining a certain set or peices. Always be ready to adapt.

Here are some basic concepts:

Stringing- Basically making sure that the opponent owns absolete peices across the board.

Leveling- I call it this as what it does is level out the playing field. You simply make sure you and your opponent have equal cash and equal properties at all time.

Straight Going- going straight for sets or extractors or utilities

Strategic Stringer- one who purposely allows to be stringed for the purpose of obtaining cheaper properties

All of these have risks involved and you should choose and mix at all times. There are others that are more complex. I will quickly go through some risks for each

Stringing- You run the risk of never achieving a set because you allowed your opponent to buy everything for a relatively cheap price

Leveling- You maximize the luck factor of the game. Enough said about risk

Straight Going- You run the risk of having little cash so your opponent can obtain a cheaper and greater monopoly

Strategic Stringer- Same as above, but you have a time issue as well. The more one is strung out, the faster the economy collapses.

Look into those and you will see that most use some form of them, but all great players do not stick to one of these all of the time, the great player is one who adapts.
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Tue Feb 17, 2009 4:03 am
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Post subject: Reply with quote

wow, ok at 1st glance i understand leveling... i like that one b/c it makes the final results close to 50/50 n mostly b/c i dont understand the other concepts yet... ive prob tried to use several of them except this is gonna take a few read throughs

tnx for postg! i wont play again until i fully understand these
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Mon Aug 24, 2009 1:13 am
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hey mag where are you at? I thought you returned

anyways I have questions for you about leveling...i think i finally got it to work against a decent player but the games last forever with this strategy. ok let me know when you come back so I can ask you questions pls

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