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Wed Jan 28, 2009 2:04 pm
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Post subject: Is It Legal... Reply with quote

...for two players to openly collaborate against one in a 3p game? I wouldn't have cared except they did it out in the open. And first the one guy threatened me that if I didn't take a bad trade, he'd just give it to the other guy, basically ensuring that we'd both lose. The threatener was CXAKO, and the complicit accomplice was born_to_win. Like I said, it takes away when from the game when they are openly chatting about how they are going to plot against you and collaborate to beat you. Is that legal?

The game started at about 8:00-8:30 am on Wednesday Jan. 28th- 3p game- yiles, CXAKO, and born_to_win
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Wed Jan 28, 2009 6:14 pm
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Post subject: Reply with quote

I cant check chat logs etc at the moment, however, this sort of incident / teeming is against the rules and not in the spirit of the game.
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Wed Jan 28, 2009 6:56 pm
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I've been checking the logs for the game this afternoon. Will report back when I've checked things with Bill2k06, as its the first trade etc I've looked into.
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Wed Jan 28, 2009 8:00 pm
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Post subject: Reply with quote

trace has made a decision with this and she has my backing with exactly how she dealt with this one,
she will report here later.
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Wed Jan 28, 2009 11:23 pm
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Post subject: Reply with quote

Having looked through the chat logs, trade offers and accepted trade logs this is a tricky one.
Start money was +100. The actual trade which took place was for giving 2 pink for 2 utilities, one utility already owned by CXAKO, one remaining on the board.
Yiles had very little cash, and no complete sets for income at the point of the trade offers, and accepted trade.
The conversation was bordering on threatening yiles to buy the 2 pink from CXAKO in exchange for 1 brown and -100, to stop CXAKO trading with born_to_win and winning the game.

However the actual trade is rather borderline. It certainly was more beneficial to born_to_win than CXAKO. Born_to_win had sufficient income and cash to possibly of given money with this trade to make it fairer.

Technically both trading parties gained, however one much more than the other. Being a 3p game to win points and not lose any, normally you would need to finish in 1st place. Coming second results in points loss.

If yiles had accepted the trade offer, which again is quite borderline he could of sold the 2 pink to born_to_win giving him a cash boost. The offered trade would therefore of benefited both parties, CXAKO getting brown set, yiles blocking pink with the option to sell later.

So I am giving CXAKO a warning to not come across as threatening if a player does not wish to trade, and to then not retaliate with a trade which could have been more equal. Also a warning to born_to_win about accepting trades that are too one sided in how much they benefit a player.

As the trades were borderline, I have removed 1214 points from born_to_win, this is the points gained in the game from winning. (Bill2k06 will be double checking I have done this correctly). Both other players lost points from the game. So I have not taken any points off.

CXAKO could of asked for more in the trade, which then could of given him/her a better chance within the game. So I do feel the trade was offered out of spite for Yiles rejecting the previous trade offer.
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