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Mon Jan 12, 2009 2:19 pm
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Post subject: please assist Reply with quote

i just finished playing a 4player game with BOSS and halev and someone else
i was going to win... then halev auction all purple at end when only BOSS had money... it gave him no strategical gain.. it was just to spite&screw me...
i feel bad about this... i tried so hard for entire game... to play best and win... then it is just given to someone else at end, and i lose 1.3k rating from not getting first Sad
i think this is a bs move
i am not sure what the exact rulings are on these types of things
but i feel very badly about it... because for no strategical gain to other player, he gives game to someone else..
if i am wrong about this being a bs move, kk
maybe if u could check out plz... i think i earned win
thank you muchly Wink
game finish around 9:07 am -5GMT toronto time ty
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