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Sat Dec 27, 2008 4:38 am
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Post subject: Game Engine Sucks!!! - Delete User Names Reply with quote

Anybody find that this game is always one sided and it always singles out a person to win. Things it does consistantly

1. Makes one person to roll doubles all the time during the recession.
2. Manages to put the person in jail as soon as everyone lines up for his/her properties.
3. Does not allow a person to land on a set until sometimes way into the recession. I think my record is 47 times around the board before landing on the 3rd property
4. Whenever someone buys a property and puts them into debt it immediately gives a bonus.
5. When someone buys a set and puts them far into debt. It immediately gives multiple bonuses and allows the person to build immediatly.
6. For the other person when they get the set and have to build the recession can go from 100 going around the board to a recession in about 3 times around the board. Where every "chance square" is a recession. Thereby never allowing the other player to build.
7. Person avoids properties consistantly. I was just in a game where I owned purple/green/and brown. The person managed to all the properties going around the board 4 times. Tell me how that's possible. This is also a theme for this game.
8. If the opponent has white it literally gives 4-5 lands on white per round when only in a 2 player game. Also happens with black where you land on each and every black when going around the board.
These are just some of the signs that the game is targetted to let the other person win. Anywho I had enough of this stupid out!

Please remove my 50 or so nick names. Imouttaideas1-42 youstink1-?, and IWant2Culose1-2
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