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Sat Dec 07, 2013 6:28 pm
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Post subject: couple suggestion for Krešimir for next version Reply with quote

1. When mute somebody on chat down volume .So many players write messages after block just to provocing and this sound is irritating
2. Add sound when somebody open field.Some players stay onfield that you need and long waiting before open or roll.This make to distract while you wait and block you for minimal price or just provocing to you need persistently follow whether open or not
3. Limit the time per move becasuse some losers stalling 250 seconds ,sfter this roll fast and again stalling when time back to 290 seconds.Better make 5 od 10 seconds per move .If somebody need go for a limited time game have
''/pause '' option

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Sun Dec 15, 2013 10:40 pm
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most of those suggestions are already in the game, when your in the lobby type /help and it will list some commands, it is annoying when people stall, i had connections problems and that too is frustrating. if someone has a connection problem twice in a game they are usually kicked from the game. there are timers in place, some players could use stalling as a strategy but its not one i use, as for bidding it might be 20 seconds to decide but ive never seen anyone pass 10 except in a disconnect situation. i enjoy playing this game and hope it remains a pleasant game and a fair sport.
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