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Mon Sep 30, 2013 10:40 pm
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Post subject: oiii and jotta team trade Reply with quote

hi 4 player game just finished

minzhu13 (me)

Game start seems to be playing fairly apart from the usual cheat trade offers I am receiving from Jotta. (as in all games) Anyway I refuse those and find I am in a good position with 3 cyan and 4000 cash come the mid game.

I grab one red and one pink - jotta has the other 2 from both but wont offer fair trade to me.

oiii has 3 white and 2 green but almost no cash which makes him in a 3rd place.
Ceasar has got himself orange brown and yellow sets and although low on cash is either 1st or second to me.
Jotta who has played a blocking game with me wont offer a decent trade to benefit either of us as is clearly in a last place position.

So oiii and jotta trade.
oiii gives jotta the two green (the third is still open) and what seems to me to be a fair amount of cash too. Jotta give oiii 2 pink (I have the third) and 2 blue (the third is owned by Caesar.

Straight away oiii offers me trade of pink for black and 2500 cash that would take me to a loosing position so I cant accept it. Strangely he has no other blacks. (Jotta has the other 3 blacks). His move shows no sense at all. no further offers come from him. Then Jotta lands 3rd green and I need to use 2/3s of my cash to block that set pushing me to last position. Had I not bided on green, again this pushes jotta to first place in direct opposition to oiiii position. Therefore the trade on the whole makes no sense or benefit at all to oiiii.

Anyway please have a look at the trade between the two. I just cant see how this benefited oiiiii . All it seemed to do was push jotta who was in a last place to 2nd to the determent of oiii and myself. Looked to me to a cheat trade and possible a teaming trade.

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Tue Oct 01, 2013 2:02 am
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Post subject: Reply with quote

The trade did have possible benefit to both players and as for oiiii offering you the two pink , it was for 1800 not 2500 and taking one black which with you having 3656 monies i do not see how you figure it would move you to losing position as you would have still had funds to build on pink. Another item you stated oiii had no cash when in fact he had over 2500, only one low on cash was ceasar....and the trade that you feel is unfair stating it included a fair amount of cash is in error also, no cash exchanged. Please try to watch closer before you accuse cheat trading or teaming.

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