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Sun Sep 23, 2012 3:48 pm
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Post subject: player throwing the game Reply with quote

im not sure if its against the rules to "throw" the game, or essentialy "suicide" from the start. but heres my complaint anyway.

I was in a game this morning around 9am GMT as phaz3d with Immaculata, and "alex_____" (cant remember his full username) on sept-23-12.

Things were going good for all players it seemed, alex had acquired 2 full sets among other spaces, but for the entire game (lightblue, brown) DID NOT upgrade them past 1 upgrade, accounting for just 20 cred in income, and proceded to try to buy MORE incomplete property aspects, assuring his loss. perhaps he is just new.

anyway, he also had the 2 green, and immaculata blocked his last one. only for alex to sell immaculata his 2 green, for which he had paid almost 2000 right before economy collapse (+20). Immaculata quickly FULLY upgraded the green for on income of 500, while also owning all 4 white, fully apgraded YELLOW. Alex essentially made sure that Immaculata was the victor ( I resigned shortly after the trade)

in the lobby Immaculata said i was going to win, the only way to know if i was going to win was the actaul Prices involved in that green trade. I inquired about them, but nobody would tell me, and i was made fun of even for asking.

If alex sold those green for any less than he paid, its essentially a suicide, determining the victor.

Please review the trade in this game. Evil or Very Mad
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Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:05 pm
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Post subject: Reply with quote

It was 100 dollars definite cheat trade and immaculata took advantage of new player, new player now has under 1000 so no reduction, 50 percent reduction for immaculata

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