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Fri Sep 07, 2012 12:33 pm
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Post subject: Fb fan page Reply with quote

I'm a bit nervous about the new monetization system, seems that we have to make some changes to calm down people.
Now I see several questions for discussion:
1. New platform of communication between players (for me it's obvious that forum in current form is outdated). I see that current forum is used for cheat reports and game discussion. I will suppose split into different parts: the blog of the game on Facebook and section on the site devoted cheating. Also it will be helpful to have twitter account.
2. New cheating monitoring system. It's clear that today we have a lot of concerns about subjectivism in cheating resolving process. To decrease passions we could include 2 judgments to resolve reports. So we have to have more mods for that.
3. As for FB pageI think we will seek for a person who love this game and has good skills in writing posts. On this page we can discuss the strategies, style of playing, posts the player's ideas and thoughts, information about new features, most successful week's, monthly players marketing actions and so on. Also it would be interesting to make interviews with the most skillful players.

Please make your comments/suggestions.
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