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Thu Jul 21, 2011 1:45 pm
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Post subject: The value or use of owning 1 white or 1 black Reply with quote

I am one for buying 1 white in 4/5p games, especially 5p. Obviously I dont do this all the time though. Also in 2p if I am going to let the other player get whites, then I generally will aim to buy 1.
Also in 2p I am not keen to let all 4 black go, so sometimes again I will intercept 1.
I am much less prone to do the black intercept on multi games.

So I was thinking in reality what is the use, or uses of owning 1 white, or 1 black.

Pros of owning 1 white

2p - whites generally cost less in 2p than multi games. If of course you hit the white you can the 20% off. So say you pick up one of the first 2 whites which often are cheapest you can expect to pay 1300 tops with -20% this brings it down by 260 = 1040. It would then require 12 hits to of paid for itself.
On the other side your opponent now can only gain 3 white, reducing their potential income down from 4x150 to 3x130.
If you own 4 black and 1 white this will almost always over power 3 white. However of course depending what else the player has set wise and yourself it may not mean you win.

Multi player - Owning 1 white in a multiplayer game can be of value in the following ways:
1) income from hits 90 each - for argument sake lets assume that you took the white for 1500 (if you landed on it and auctioned this reduces by 300 to 1200) it will take 14 hits on a 1200 white to cover the cost, 17 hits at 1500.

2) Useful as a property to trade for cash later - all the time you have 1 white you are gaining 90s income. If you bought the white for even 1500, you might get 5 hits before trading perhaps (5x90 = 450) you can then trade for 1500 making you 450 richer! If you were to land it yourself and buy at 1500 (this is 1200 to you) get 5 hits before resale +450 resell for 1500 total profit from this - 300+450 = 750!

3) Useful if you reach the last part of the game and others who own whites go out, you may then be able to pick up 2 more to get a late income boost and to avoid sets and passing start.

4) Buying the first white can be a good decoy, others may assume you are wanting to buy the rest! So you can auction another white, not buy but gain the 20%. You may then later trade this white to the person you just conned into buying a white.

5) Buying a later white when another who owns at least 1 white is short of cash so cannot buy.

So what are the downsides to owning 1 white:

1) You may reduce your immediate cash meaning you lose a property within a set you are collecting.

2) If you buy with view to trade, the opponent may not be interested in owning 4 whites and rather go for 3 and a set meaning you may not get that trade.

3) You may reduce your cash slowing upgrade speed (or if you can trade may gain valuable cash to upgrade!)

So lets now look at owning 1 black

In 2p the only real gain of owning 1 black is to prevent your opponent collecting all 4. Since owning 4 means 4x150 a hit at cost to you - going straight in their pocket to reduce this down to 3x100 can of course threaten the success of black and cost you less.

Now I would advise if you are to buy 1 black in 2p to always go for the 1st or 2nd black. Frequently first 2 go for around 900-1000 (if you land on it and auction, cost to you decreases to 800). If you wait and try to intercept the 3rd or 4th they will often be taken to 1100-1300. So if you have this plan in mind ALWAYS buy the first! Also buying the first you might auction the 2nd, they may not auction as they don't want you landing them. You can now sink them on it and gain the 20%.

So if you purchase the 1st black for 1000 (-20% = 800) you will need 16 hits to recover its cost to you, although each hit is taking 50 from the other player so you could say this is worth more as you go up by 50 they decrease by 50 thus 100 difference in cash between both players per hit!

Now owning 1 black in multi player games. It again would be advisable to gain the first one as the cost is generally cheaper than 3rd and 4th. You will be looking at between 1200-1400 for the first so well say 1300 as a rough halfway guide. If you land on this you save 20% ( -260 = 1040) you will now need 21 hits to regain the cash spent if you choose to retain this black for the entire game. Although every hit you get is taking 50 from someone else, gives you 50 so making 100 difference in cash.

If your opponent has 3 black you are reducing their income from 150x4 x no. Of players who can land. For example 4p game:
150 x 4 = 600
600 x 3 no of players who can land = 1800 potential income

100 x 3 = 300
300 x 3 no of players who can land = 900 potential income

Double the potential income!

Of course in multi player it is much more likely to trade this 1 black. You wont be making a great deal from the 50 hits, but all the time you own it you are slowing down the black holders income. If you choose to trade you can gain valuable income to upgrade, or buy a 3rd in a set etc. Also you may find you can sell this black for more than you paid if selling as the 3rd or 4th. If you bought for 1300 - 20% 1040 you might trade for 1400-1500 so profit of 360-460 + all the 50 hits.

So sometimes it can be wise to own a black or a white either to retain or to resell!
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Fri Jul 29, 2011 2:26 pm
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Post subject: Reply with quote

Stating the obvious, the desirability of n whites or blacks is as follows
4 blacks = 4 whites > 3 whites > 3 blacks > 1 white= 1 black > 2 blacks = 2 whites

Trace has pointed out the various advantages and disadvantages of owning 1 white v 1 black, and is difficult to compare them, so I have considered equal. The key thing is ANYTHING is better than owning 2 blacks or 2 whites. So one may think of avoiding buying the second black/white if you think there is a good chance of missing the third one.
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