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Wed Jun 15, 2011 6:46 pm
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Post subject: fifof not a fun game - please can a mod take a look Reply with quote

Just finished game with fifof, other players me trace345, ipurplecupcake, ronrondreamer, etr.

Fairly early in the game fifof starts with almost threatening talk because I wouldn't accept his trade offers on blue. I was planning to try and buy the d blue later when I had cash, I did in fact offer to buy it when I did. But early he starts on about how he will remember me, and no trade no now trade later.

Later I get a bunch of bad trade offers. He ends in a position where without a trade he by reason would be out first as has only 1 white. Didn't actually happen that way but still.

Long story short, please can a mod check the chat log and trade log of the game. I personally feel other users should not have to go through such nonsense in games. I mean on a scale of how near to snapping I was, I'd say I was at 9!
So if I can be in a position of wanting to break, then I feel it means other users could end up throwing abuse in his direction, and get wrongly banned due to it.
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Wed Jun 15, 2011 7:45 pm
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looked in the game
firstly the trade offers : i wont say anything so called cheat trade offers were sended in the game ( till in recession that were not accept by purple) but most offers sended by fifof were not very good to be accepted,although some of them were reasonable.

Fifof one thing you send anyone a trade offer its the players choice if they feel its good or not to accept for them, you can't call your opponent moron or stupid just because he/she is not accepting the offers which you feel is good.Also in this game it was not even the case too that the other player didn't wanted to trade cause she did send you some offers too which were good but you didn't feel its good its your choice.

secondly threatning a player that i will know you in other games is spikeful play

so at the end i am not giving you any bans just warning about threatning players that i will know you in other games and calling others moron and stupid cause they don't accept your offers .Also don't try to send cheat offers in recession to survive and thirdly i would say try to look at your trading and try to make it benifitial equally for both players
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Thu Jun 16, 2011 7:44 am
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Can I add a point of view and maybe a little advice here on this pleasant forum?

This really sounds like a minor playground tiff that a mother wouldnít even have time to listen too. Itís also something that happens in many many games and people donít complain or post in the complaints for action and possible bans to be handed out. People just normally mute that player and leave the trade offers sitting there. Easy to do, and job done. One less minor issue for the mods to deal with, and one less person in the game with reason to come back in with a grievance behaving worse the next time. I personally would have laughed it off and just enjoyed the game.

If this was the only thing that happened in our house playing monopoly then it would be regarded as a quiet boring game.

Common Sense Costs Nothing.
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