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Thu Feb 04, 2010 4:37 am
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Post subject: Angels and Demons Reply with quote

My Memoirs...

You and me, let's take the town over.
We break through barriers, we the city soldiers.
You're my best friend; you're my better brother.
That's how it should have been; Now, I'm undercover
From your gunfire, that's hurts more mentally
She was a liar but and she came between you and me.
I loved her first, but I gave you a warning start.
You know the streets but you aren't that hoe smart.
I wish you knew she's a ***** and that I could {f-word} her;
She had my heart, ran away, and wants your's soldier.
But you can keep her, as long as she makes you happy.
Couple years later, their relationship turned crappy.
She came back begging me to get her out of marriage.
She said she had a baby inside the carriage.
Said she cheated and she didn't know whose it was.
If you're high right now, you might lose your buzz.

I turned her away, what else could I do?
“You broke my heart and, now you’re smashing his too.”
I was left stone cold, she fled in tears.
Dark secret kept produced a million fears.
I get off work, 7:00 pm same time.
Went to gas up my car, was the last in line.
I put my pump in, I felt the copper hit.
The lead tinged with blood, and you were aiming it.
The whore of Babylon unleashed Armageddon.
You betrothed the Devil’s advocate at your wedding.
Rest in Pieces, a cemetery visit.
The flowers on the grave belong to one of us, isn’t it?
Couldn’t retaliate, even if I wanted.
You broke the bind; we remain forever haunted.
Brothers torn apart, a modern Cain and Abel.
Who will die first in this gangster fable?
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Sun Feb 14, 2010 4:46 am
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Post subject: Reply with quote

When I'm isolated, I feel infatuated
With an insane rage agitated. The confict was created.
I see in infrared, I wish my targets dead
Blood dripping from my head, I taste what has been bled.
I can't control the impulses, my movements become rapid pulses
Vibrations from my body produces, Gluttony making vile juices.
Letting out the beast, murdering all the least
Dead and wounded lie to feast, making an grusome yeast.
Feeding on the weaker, hating on ther stronger
I become a quarrel seeker, not careing who is wronger.
Priorties out the window, stab into the night.
Odium my seed to sew, hope it makes it right.
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Tue Mar 09, 2010 9:41 pm
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Post subject: Reply with quote

It's Hard, It's Easy
It's hard to see, but I can view the light.
It's hard to breathe, but I still have some might.
It's hard to hear, but my goal's in my sight.
It's hard to live, but I'm not dying tonight.

It's easy to die, let life fade away.
It's easy to cry, give up, fall today.
It's easy to go, hide, and run away.
It's easy, but that's no longer my way.

It's hard to forgive and give a helping hand.
It's hard to let live and take another stand.
It's hard to hang on; to take back reprimand.
It's hard to stay strong; make a humble demand.

It's easy to care; just show a bit of love.
Its easy to heal; just look for something above.
It's easy to give a helpful push or a gentle shove.
Be wise as an serpent; harmless as a dove.
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Sun May 16, 2010 3:02 am
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Post subject: Hiaku Reply with quote

The wind summons speed.

Firewater creates clash.

Earth rebuilds it all.
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Tue May 31, 2011 9:16 am
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Joined: 22 Dec 2007
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Post subject: What Villains Are Made Of Reply with quote

Eyes of solemn only asylums acquire
Arms of fire encased in hands of iron
Dire bonds of loyalty dimmed by pyres

Solitarily confined till mental mimics sharks
A reaper, a creature housed in the horrid dark
Applauding death's performance, blood is the holy mark

The token and blemish worn for respect
A sign of success, blessed by Goddess Death
Known to slaughter all who oppresses her caress

Craving terror and fright, squeals grant thrills
Taking unmeasured delight whenever life spills
Greed has no need for his heart, it desires to kill

Death from above, below and the sides
No where to hide from its soul piercing eyes
Just cower and cry till your time comes, goodbye

Whether unhigned in the brain
Or calculated and sane
They're all nightmares the same

The puppets of destruction, enemies of love
Massaceres, mayham, and blood covered gloves
That's what the greatest villains are made of
I am the Tory Steller!
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