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Thu Oct 28, 2010 5:08 am
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Post subject: The New Forums Home Reply with quote

I like the changes made to the forum, it seems more comfortable and seasoned, with plenty of catagories for evryone. Well done again Trace!
Please dont change it back.
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Thu Oct 28, 2010 10:10 am
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It would take as long as it took to do it to change it back I have no plans to do that.

Glad you're liking it so far. Still some post moving, possible another couple of forums to create and some reshuffling of the order.

Apologies for all the posts moving around stuff. I know in the short term it may make finding certain posts more difficult, but in the long term it should make it much easier for users to find what they want quickly. Also to have more topics showing just from the front page may help posts to not get washed away too quickly, giving more chance to be seen and replied to.

Also this is opening up old threads which have got slowly worked down forum pages over time. Maybe some of the good threads can be revisited.

I will be going through each forum area moving posts to which ever section the content is best suited to (I apologize now if anything ends up where it shouldn't) Yesterday I moved over 200 posts, so its bound to happen that something ends up in the wrong place lol.

There has been no deletion of any posts. I am thinking of creating a section for old posts ear marked for deletion perhaps. As I did see a lot of useless posts around the board. These might get moved to a section viewable by logged in members. Then all will be given say a month to check whats there and say if anything they are unhappy to be deleted. In which case it can be returned to the main forum.
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Thu Oct 28, 2010 7:41 pm
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This is incredible to say the least. Bravo on your splendid work Trace. I can only imagine the amount of time it takes to move the thousands of posts.
It is a bit strange getting used to the new forum arrangement but I like the new variety and organization. Very Happy
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